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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Editing Principle 05: Rule of Odds


Odd numbers are better than even numbers. One page is better than two pages. One paragraph is (usually) stronger than two. Three paragraphs tend to be more persuasive than four. Generally speaking, odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye, and are experienced by readers / viewers / passersby as more calming. This is (weird…

Questions We’ll Ask


1. What do you need help with? 2. What do you like about what you’ve done so far? 3. What don’t you like? 4. What are your hopes for this material? 5. What does your ideal end result look like? i.e. How will we know when we’re done?

Editing Principle 04: A Little Gristle Is Good


A short story writer once claimed her all-time favorite rejection letter was one in which the magazine editor had scrawled “THIS IS SH-T” in brown marker across the top. Expletive written in brown marker is not the fastest route to lasting friendship but it’s memorable. It is not mealy-mouthed. It shows confidence. It sticks in…