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Acknowledgments & Accolades

“Megan Hustad has also been a co-conspirator since the proposal phase, gracing us with her insights and impeccable taste.” —John Neffiner and Matthew Kohut, authors of Compelling People

“…both an aid and an inspiration.” —Hanna Rose Shell, author of Hide and Seek

“Immensely helpful, both strategically and psychologically.”

“You made manuscripts to be animated.” (English was not the author’s first language.)

“When I wanted someone to hone my pop-culture spoof into a page-turner, I asked Megan to be my editor. I’m beyond delighted with the results. She works with amazing speed and insight at all levels.” —Linda Watson, author of Fifty Weeks of Green

“We developed a good working rhythm and rapport [and] I very much value and admire your intelligent, compelling and committed way of working with both words and people.”

“I never want to write a book without you.”

Praise from Wherewithal clients’ publishers, colleagues, and reviewers:

“I’ve worked on a number of first books, and this is easily among the best I’ve seen—well conceived, well researched, and well written. You’ve succeeded in making the text accessible and entertaining.”

“Very tight and compelling—a really well-edited book.”

“A fabulous manuscript, beautifully written, brilliantly argued and illustrated.”

“It is a pleasure to read this charming and engrossing book…an excellent exercise in [an] innovative methodological approach. [The author] demonstrates that this approach, applied with academic rigor, can produce erudite, elegant, and entertaining books.”

“A fascinating read… The analysis is backed up with hard statistics, including charts and graphs, but the prose is breezy and engaging.”