wherewithal press, inc.


Our work takes several forms. Lately we’ve enjoyed working with smart professionals who have expertise to burn but want assistance sharing that knowledge with a wider audience.

We develop:


  • primarily nonfiction
  • proposals, at any stage of completion
  • reverse-engineering proposals from existing manuscript materials
  • revised editions
  • strategic abridgments, for when a new e-book edition could bring new life to out-of-print works


  • for start-ups: finding the right corporate / collective voice
  • content development
  • web content audits, for when a site is cluttered with unread material but could do much better
  • storyboarding


  • writing coaching
  • ghostwriting ( = extremely interventionist editing, essentially)
  • book project management


  • consulting as regards style, tone, precision, and overall effect

We do not work on genre fiction or technical writing, but gladly offer referrals to colleagues who do.

For more information, please contact us.