Not our curtains, by the way. Just a doorway somewhere in the East Village.

About Wherewithal

Wherewithal Press specializes in creative collaborations. Anything involving text and/or the English language, we do. Why “Press” in the name? One of these days we’re going to publish books.

(At least that was the plan in 2002, when we registered our DBA at the Brooklyn County Clerk’s office.)

Our main focus is editing. We believe everyone needs an editor, because the editor-edited relationship is the most direct means of producing texts that find an audience and reward people’s attention. We work a lot with talented professionals who have expertise to burn, and successful practices, but need something like a project manager and writing coach to help them share that knowledge with a wider audience.

We are based in Manhattan's Lower East Side and work with clients around the world.

More about Megan’s publishing background: Learned the craft at the Alfred A. Knopf Publishing Group, since renamed Knopf Doubleday and now part of Penguin Random House. Moved on to be an editor at Basic Books and Counterpoint Press. In 2005 Wherewithal was founded.

We are generalists who know a little bit about a lot of things. History, art history, popular science, big data, U.S. politics, business, social enterprise, architecture, urban planning, sociology, cultural criticism, women’s health, parenting.

We also love a smart memoir and literary fiction.

Books we’ve worked on have received awards, glowing reviews, and been optioned for film.

Many Wherewithal clients have book contracts in hand but decided they want more guidance than their publishing house provides. Increasingly we are seeing clients who opt to self-publish.

Megan has authored two books of her own. How to Be Useful (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2008) and More Than Conquerors: A Memoir of Lost Arguments (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2014).

More personal info, though mostly random quotes and images, can be found at