Just for Kicks: Images Salvaged from the Old Wherewithal Site

Early ones are blurry because they were sized to 150x150 pixels square. I had wanted to keep the site’s data load light, and only ended up not keeping up with web standards. At one point Facebook decided that images smaller than 300x300 effectively wouldn’t exist as far as Newsfeed posts went. Anyhow, here we are!

Images are from travels, old postcards, and abandoned books rescued from the $1 shelf at beloved stores like the Strand. I never wanted to only show books, or the spines of books, on the Wherewithal site. Instead I wanted to remind myself—and anyone who happened upon it—that publishing books of any kind is art, and concerns all of life. And so the collected images are full of resonance for me, but undoubtedly appear random and ill-chosen to most everyone else; a good illustration, perhaps, of the need to kill your darlings.